Diamond Placement

The Key To Success

Services We Provide

  1. Human Resources & Manpower Consultants.
  2. Recruitment & Placement services in Pan India.
  3. Campus Interviews conducted on behalf of Clients.
  4. Employees / Candidates / Placements  on contract basis.
  5. Employee  monthly Payroll Processing.
  6. Assessment centre, Employee soft skills , Training, and Performance Appraisals.
  7. Reference Checks  on Company Request
  8. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. Providing Placement and Job search services to all types of industries.
  9. Finding Suitable Candidates as per clients requirement
  10. Follow-up for Placed Candidates.
  11. Active Database of All Stream Candidates



Our Recruitment Process

Best online Recruitment Agency , follows  practical And effective recruitment process to find competent  employees  for Organisations

Below is Brief line  of Our Recruitment Process .

1 . Understanding Client Requirement –

 Once we get client requirement our team studies on it  and finds bries thing And make preparations accordingly .

2.  Sourcing Candidates  -

 The Requirement is Matched with our internal database or Announced in Public via our contacts or other mediums .The Applications  which are received are  thoroughly  checked And candidates are shortlisted for first round of interview .

3.   interview Round –

 Our Panel or Team Members  Conduct First round of interview , In this Stage we Asses the candidate with his/ her basic skills and experience. Profiles are further shortlisted and forwarded to our client.

4. Final Interview and Job offer - 

The shortlisted candidates from Interview round appear for final round of interview at clients office , candidate who clears final round is given a job offer and other details like salary package and other benefits  are discussed .

After a candidate is Successfully Placed or recruited we take care to maintain touch with both of  ,our clients and candidates plus we  check satisfaction Level .