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Note To Candidates – Our working method is online ,We don’t take any charges from candidates . Registration is free of cost and Job is also given free of cost . Any other Placement agency is taking charges from candidates on our name then we , Diamond Placement is not responsible. Doing Registration by candidate does not mean that,we surely give job .If we have job then only we call candidate and have communication , if we find candidate suitable for some post then we line up for interview ..... Registration Solely depends on candidate's responsibility.

Interview Tips .

1 . Before going to company Do research and Know history of that organization.

2 . Plan to arrive on time or a few minutes early. Late arrival for a job interview is never excusable.

3. Prepare your self  for  Technical and Personal Questions .

4 . Be confident , while answering questions . Keep your body language cool and calm .

5 . Don’t talk too much , your answers should be specific .

6 . Maintain Eye contact with interviewer .

7 . Dress yourself Professionally   , as it is said first impression is last impression . 

CV / Resume Writing Tips.

1 . Keep it short.

2. Mention daily job responsibilities , Detail Experiences , And  Company Name.

3. Make sure your CV information is up to date .

4 . Get Referee Contact Details .

5. Mention your contact details , it should be easily visible .

6. Put Your Achievements

7.Mention your Hobbies and Interests .

8. Make sure your resume is attractive  for getting best Professional Employment .

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